Elite Environmental is committed to offer professional industrial hygiene consulting services to our clients. Some of these services include, asbestos/lead, biological, ergonomics, indoor air quality, respiratory protection/ppe, ventilation/engineering, mold, gas and vapor monitoring, airborne particulates, etc. 



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Industrial hygiene is in our DNA. We are determined to provide our clients with the highest quality industrial hygiene services and the most innovative solutions to help protect your employees from hazardous environments while maintaining compliance with all relevant standards and regulations both state and federal. 


Providing Technical Excellence and Innovative Industrial Hygiene Solutions
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Elite Environmental was established with the goal of providing industries and individuals with the highest level of expert industrial hygiene consulting services possible. 

Being a small business means that we will ensure all of our attention and resources are provided to each client until they are fully satisfied with the provided services.  



Rigby, Idaho

Tel: 208-881-2898

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